Berlin based Art-OnlineSHOP – Young Artists at affordable prices

art4berlin is an innovative online art gallery based in Berlin...

focusing on large-format, modern, and contemporary artworks by emerging artists at affordable prices. Here are the essential details about art4berlin:

1. #Artwork Selection:

The gallery offers a variety of oversized (XXL) abstract and representational paintings. These pieces are primarily acrylics on canvas, created by talented young artists from Berlin.

2. #Affordable Pricing:

art4berlin stands out by providing high-quality XXL artworks at relatively low prices. Most artworks are priced up to €890, making them accessible to a broader audience, including new collectors.

Onlinegalerie - Kunst-Bilder im Internet

3. #Market Approach:

The gallery aims to disrupt the traditional, often elitist art market by avoiding exorbitant prices. It achieves this by directly sourcing artworks from artists‘ studios, thus reducing intermediary costs.

4. #Curated Selection:

art4berlin features a curated selection of sensual, extravagant, and creative artworks that reflect the latest trends in Berlin’s vibrant art scene.

Onlinegalerie Modern Art im Webshop

5. #Support for Artists:

The platform provides young, professional artists with the opportunity to earn a living by selling their artworks directly to buyers.

7. #Experienced Leadership:

The gallery is managed by Jürgen Schaar, who brings over 25 years of experience in the Berlin art trade to the operation.

art4berlin’s mission is to democratize art ownership and support emerging artists, offering a fresh and accessible approach to collecting contemporary art at affordable prices.

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More details:

art4home (= art4berlin) is an online art gallery based in Berlin that specializes in large-format original paintings, focusing on contemporary and modern art by young and emerging Berlin-based artists. Here are the key points about art4home:

8. #Artwork Selection:

art4home offers a variety of handmade and hand-signed oversized canvas paintings, including vibrant and colorful abstract and representational acrylic and oil paintings. Their collection prominently features XXL canvas paintings.

9. #Affordable Pricing:

The gallery provides genuine Berlin art at very reasonable prices, with many pieces priced up to €890, making high-quality art accessible to a wide audience.

Berlin-Kunst-Galerie für moderne Malerei. Kunstgemälde, großformatige Acrylbilder von €20,- €990,-.

10. #Direct Sourcing:

art4home sells artworks directly from Berlin artist studios, ensuring authenticity and supporting local artists at affordable prices.

11. #Online Convenience:

Customers can easily browse and purchase art from their website, [](, offering a convenient and user-friendly shopping experience.

12. #Transition to Online:

While art4home previously operated physical galleries in Berlin’s gallery district near Hackescher Markt, it has now transitioned to an exclusively online model.

13. #Customer Support:

The gallery provides experienced advice from their team to help customers select their favorite artworks, ensuring a personalized and satisfying purchasing process.

Jetzt Kunst- von €20,- bis €990,- im Internet kaufen.

In summary, art4home (= art4berlin)  is an online platform for purchasing affordable, large-scale contemporary art directly from Berlin-based artists. It offers a diverse selection of modern paintings and a convenient shopping experience, supported by knowledgeable staff to assist customers.

Jürgen Schaar is the founder and owner of art4berlin GALERIE, a notable art gallery in Berlin that focuses on modern and contemporary art at affordable prices. Here are the key points about Jürgen Schaar and art4berlin GALERIE:

14. #Foundation and Inspiration:

Jürgen Schaar established art4berlin GALERIE in 1990. His inspiration came from an oil painting he admired at another gallery but couldn’t afford, motivating him to create his own gallery where art would be more accessible.

Hochwertige Malerei günstig.

15. #Artist Connections:

Schaar built connections with various artists, acquiring multiple works from each to sell at his gallery. This approach allowed him to offer a diverse and extensive collection of artworks.

16. #Specialization:

The gallery became known for its large-format paintings, abstract art, and affordable prices. This made art4berlin a popular destination for art enthusiasts, buyers, and collectors looking for high-quality, yet reasonably priced, contemporary art.

Günstig Kunsthandel Berlin

17. #Transition to Online:

Due to economic challenges, the physical art4berlin galleries in Berlin closed in December 2023. The business has since transitioned to an online shop, continuing to offer its curated selection of modern artworks to a global audience.

18. #Legacy and Impact:

Despite the closure of the physical spaces, Jürgen Schaar’s art4berlin GALERIE continues to thrive online, maintaining its mission of making contemporary art accessible and supporting emerging artists.

Under Schaar’s leadership, art4berlin GALERIE has successfully adapted to changing market conditions while continuing to promote and sell contemporary art in a more inclusive and affordable manner.